Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fourth Grade Wisdom: Searching for Words... Lord help me..

I was reading with a group of my boys today:
Me: "Okay... so do you know what it is called when endangered animals all die out? Like... if all of the elephants died... what would that be called?"
Student 1: "A bleed out!"
Me: "What?"
Student 1: "On my video game you lay there dead and bleed out."
Me: "Ummm... no."
Student 2: "Dead!"
Me: "Well... yeah we established that. What would you call it if all of the elephants died? They would be what? It starts with an e."
Student 3: "Elephants!"
(Now I'm hiding my face with our worksheet cracking up)
Me: "Yes, they are elephants... but all of them are dead and gone... starts with an ex."
Student 1: "EXCITED!"
Me: "They are excited that they are all dead?"
(By this point we are all hysterical and have all but given up on figuring out the word EXTINCT.)

So just remember... when the elephants die they will bleed out and be excited dead elephants... the wisdom of fourth graders.

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