Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 6 of 30: Interesting Facts About Yourself

Okay... so no one ever said they had to be 30 CONSECUTIVE days!

And... I was pretty sick for a month there so I had an authentic reason to be MIA.

Anyway... now to the post...

30 Interesting Facts About ME
  1. I got bit in the face by a dog before I started kindergarten and it tore a hole in my upper lip, basically from below my nose almost through my lip... thank God for plastic surgeons who have left me with just a barely noticeable white line scar.

  2. I HATE snakes. I found one in my backyard once and would not let myself or the pets go out there for TWO WEEKS.

  3. I get cold chills and very anxious when I walk through the aquarium section at pet stores where they are in a separate place and you are surrounded by the fish... I'm always afraid the glass is gonna break.

  4. I'm a big sister... to a three year younger brother.

  5. I have very few people that I really consider "friends" and most of them have been around for the long haul (aka Sarah from Love, Love, Love).

  6. I always wanted to be a ballerina or ice skater.

    Source: via Amy on Pinterest

  7. I inspect everything I get from Taco Bell to make sure my order is right and there are no rogue onions, tomatoes, or lettuce (ACK!)

  8. I count things to reassure myself.

  9. Anyone who knows me for a few days realizes that I have a slight obsession with pink and sparkly anything.

  10. When I moved into my house I had 52+ pairs of shoes, 16 of those were different colored flip flops from Old Navy.

  11. I cannot sleep without a light on.

  12. I HATE feet- 'cept puppy and kitty feet.

  13. I laugh at anything that says hand wash or dry clean only and give it a run through the washer.

  14. I have slept in a twin size bed my entire post-crib life.

  15. I have only spent the night away from home once since high school, and that then started my obsession with owning a bigger bed with down bedding.

  16. I hate coconut. It's like a fruit version of onions... texture wise at least.

  17. My first dog (Buddy) would sit upon command in English or French.

  18. I still own all of the Disney movies my mom bought me as a kid and still watch them on the VCR (I don't know how people live without one!)

  19. My mom taught me to sew in third or fourth grade when I brought home my reading book from school and wanted to make a butterfly pillow that it showed in the "at home connections" section.

  20. I have never drank and never plan to.

  21. I have written an entire 18 gallon rubbermaid tote full of stories from when I was in school and they are just sitting in my closet.

  22. I have issues getting rid of things or throwing things away because I worry that I will lose my job or come upon some financial hardship and not be able to replace it.

  23. I wanted to be an artist or author but was afraid of the instability.

  24. I also was afraid to become an artist for fear that I would hate what I love because it would become a job.

  25. I have never been in a plane.

  26. I haven't been on a vacation since 8th grade when we went as a family to Georgia (almost 15ish years ago).

  27. The first blog I ever followed was Reinvented.

  28. I am a Christian with majority Baptist preferences, but I attended a private Catholic liberal arts college which confuses some people.

  29. I have a freakishly good memory that drives people CRAZY.

  30. My middle name Jean is a family name. My mom's name is Jeanne, her mom's middle name is Jean and her dad's middle name is Gene. :)
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Here's what I'm following in case you've forgotten from the long delays:

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