Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dishing It!!!

Okay, so I just stumbled upon Amanda's blog Serenity Now and saw this amazing "Dishing It!" party. I love making new blogging buddies and I totally need a pick me up right now, so here it goes!

~How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging since the summer of 09... I think LOL!

~Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because my best friend from birth, Sarah @ Love, Love, Love, and I had recently reconnected and discovered we were both craft junkies and flea market addicts... well she showed me my first craft blog (Reinvented)! Well, after that I was addicted! I couldn't get enough of the craft blogs and we spent HOURS online with her sharing blog links with me while I flipped out over this newly discovered world!

~Tell me about your blog's title. Why did you choose it?
I have OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and I wanted a fun title, then OCD: Obsessive Creative Disorder struck me! I HAD to have it!

~What do you blog about?
I blog about crafts, flea market finds, life events, mostly crafts.

~What is your favorite thing about blogging?
My favorite thing is finding all the awesome crafts everyone else has posted and getting comments on my posts! I love knowing someone out there actually reads my posts and likes them! Just when I was hating on my photo taking skills I got compliments on them!

~If you had to choose one famous person to become your blog's next devoted reader, who would you pick?
When Traci over at Beneath My Heart became a follower of mine I nearly wet myself! Seriously! I love Traci's projects and her comments and emails are always so sweet. And then The DIY Showoff Roeshel! Whenever someone whose blog I've followed and drooled over becomes my follower it's like I've had a celebrity run in! Goofy, I know, but hey, it makes my day!

~What's the funniest comment you've ever received on a blog post?
Not sure I've really come across a funny comment yet, I just love every comment I get!

Alright, hope on over and check out everyone else!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about a "celebrity run in." ;) I've had a few of those and they really make your day, don't they? Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and linking up. Hope you're having fun "mingling." :)

  2. [strolling over from the blog party @ serenity now] l.o.v.e the title of your blog!

    also, i am so sorry to hear about your dog. i am obsessed with my two four-legged babies; so i cannot fathom losing either of them. keep your chin up darlin'!

  3. Visiting from the party! I love your blog title, I think I suffer from the same illness!

  4. Hi! I LOVE your blog title too. I'm pretty sure I have both versions of OCD, but I like the sounds of the Obsessive CREATIVE Disorder much better!

  5. Coming over from the blog party - can't wait to look around!

  6. Hi nice to meet you! And girl, I hear you about the OCD! yup.

    I loved your super cute eraser to go with your chalkboard (oh, yeah, you are a teacher!) What a great idea to decorate the back of it! Clever!


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