Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I was taking pictures of the dog... this sequence cracks me up:

Figure 1: Sleeping puppy getting awakened by crazy mama with camera.

Figure 2: "Look at the camera Charlie! Here Charlie! Look here baby! Good boy!"

Figure 3: "Crap! You have red eye!" Charlie- 'oh my God woman put the camera down and let me sleep! whyyyyyyyyy? whyyyyy must you do this to me?'

Figure 4: "Awww that's a cute puppy." Charlie- 'i'm going back to sleep. please put away the camera'

NOOOOW: What I Wore!!!
Did NOT want to get dressed this day.
Shirt: Tie Dyed by me
Jeans: Angels from Fashion Bug forever ago
Shoes: Dollar General

Blah Day
Shirt: Goodwill
Jeans: Walmart

Earrings: Target, came with the second pair you will see down for $7.99

I take pics at night... obviously. These are my wannabe converse that I got for $12.99 from Shoe Show. They are gray on the outside with floral inside.

Shirt: Old Navy @ Goodwill
Jeans: Walmart

Necklace: Jewel Box by Premier Designs

Shoes: American Eagle @ Payless

Earrings: Target

Watch: Burlington Coat Factory
$12.99 with five interchangeable bands, I also glued the rhinestones around it :)

I got this leather cuff bracelet from the state fair last year for $6. Wear it EVERY day!

This is my everyday ring. The center stone is an aquamarine and the side stones I don't know. My mom bought it for me from Avon and it was one of their pricier pieces.

These shoes are the Kelsey peep toe wedge by Naturalizer from They are seriously the MOST comfortable shoe EVER! I love them. I also love that they were regularly $59.99 and I got them on sale for $20 plus a 15% discount!

Shirt: C.J. Banks from Goodwill (love it, it's like navy blue tie dye an stripes!)
T-shirt: Meijer
Jeans: Target

Necklace: Me, vintage butterfly pendant found on etsy

Rainbow nails!!!

Shirt: Family Dollar
Jeans: Phat silver label from Walmart
Flip Flops: Champion from Payless ($4 clearance! reg. $14.99)

Pink Heart Earrings: Natalia Araya @ Etsy

Geeky Kitty Necklace (LOVE IT): Kuma Crafts @ Etsy

I went shopping last Friday and hit Maurice's. Bought tons of clothes and saved way more than I spent! Hope to post those pics as well as pics of some of my thrifting finds from this summer soon.

Join other bloggy buddies showing off their inner fashionistas or day to day comfy wear:
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  1. I love your shoes and accessories, so cute!! And those rainbow nails are super fun! I am so, so, SO impressed that you posted the blah/comfy days. I've wanted to post one (because, let's face it, as a pregnant mom with a toddler, I am like that most days!!) but haven't been brave enough. You've inspired me for next week!

  2. Thanks for linking up!! I love your last three outfits especially and think that it's great that you thrift so much. I have a hard time finding things that fit and are cute.
    All of your accessories are awesome!

  3. First can I say how much I enjoyed the pictures of your furbabe! So precious!!

    I love all the things you use to accessorize your outfits! I'm not a good accessorizer at all! And I'm LOVING that you thrift! Some of my favorite items are from the thrift store :)

  4. Bon Bon Mom- I definitely was not wild about posting my blah days, but it was my reality and I really wanted to post my thrifting fids lol!

    Laura- I was ANTI goodwill and thrifting FOREVER. I then discovered craft blogs which prompted me to search for flea markets. Eventually after becoming a flea market addict I wandered into a Goodwill again. It was really just this summer that I've thrifted clothes a lot!

    Rebecca- Thank you so much for your lovely comments!!! I love my pompom baby too, even though he is a little crazy! I'm glad you commented on the accessories because I was a little worried I over did it! Glad they were enjoyed!


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